What is coaching?

People often wonder how coaching differs from other types of services, namely therapy and consulting. Here is some information to help you decide if coaching will meet your specific needs.

People come to a coach when they feel stuck in a situation and wish to move forward. The operating belief behind coaching is that the client has the answers to whatever is holding them back. A coach requires the client to set the agenda and develop goals to work toward. The coach listens carefully and helps to empower the client to develop skills and strategies to move forward.

ADHD coaching couples life coaching skills with a background knowledge and understanding of Attention Deficit Disorder. The difference between life  coaching and ADHD coaching is the amount of structure, support and accountability that is provided. Clients partner with the coach to set goals, design strategies for success and execute action steps. Through the coaching relationship, clients gain greater awareness of their unique gifts and talents and add tools to their "toolbox" of strategies and supports. Staying accountable is also an important piece, and the coach and agree to check in between meetings to ensure the client's progress.                     

What is Therapy?

When people struggle with mental or emotional distress that effects their daily ability to function, they often see a therapist. There are several types of therapy, but the focus is on delving into why a person has troublesome thoughts, feelings or behaviors and working to change them. A trained therapist can diagnose and label a mental health issue and use research backed methods to help the client address it and move forward.


What does a consultant do?

Consultants are essentially problem solvers. Companies large and small hire consultants to resolve problems related to management, finances, employee relations among other things. A consultant can work alone as an advisor to top level management or as part of a team to bring resources and ideas that address the current issues of the company.