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A lot of what is most beautiful about the world arises from struggle.
— Malcolm Gladwell

chart your own course

Do any of these statements sound familiar?


I have great intentions, but I keep getting sidetracked and don’t follow through.

My room, backpack, apartment, office (fill in the blank) are a disaster! I can’t find anything when I need it.

I can’t seem to remember my appointments, assignments, plans with friends.

It’s hard to stay focused during conversations or meetings. My mind just starts to wander.

Sometimes I blurt out the wrong thing in conversations and I offend people without meaning to.


Whether you and/or  your child struggle with ADHD, life can feel overwhelming at times. Partnering with someone who understands the unique gifts and challenges that come with this disorder assures that you receive the support, structure and accountability you need in order to reach your goals and feel in control of your life. So take a moment and consider what it would feel like to get back at the helm, so to speak, of your world. 


My services include:

Individual coaching: My clients include teens and adults with the disorder, as well as parents of younger children with the disorder. Coach and client meet once a week for approximately one hour. Meetings can take place in person, by phone or as a video conference, depending on the client’s preference, schedule and/or geographic location. Client check-ins are offered in addition to the weekly sessions to provide support and accountability. The type and frequency of the check-ins is decided by the coach and client on an individual basis.

An initial intake session is required to gather relevant background information as well as to begin the process of goal setting. Parents of adolescent clients are included in the intake session.


Speaking or Training

Public Speaking and Training: I'm available to speak to groups interested in learning about ADHD. I provide the latest research, as well as strategies for working with those who struggle with this disorder. As a former special educator, I'm also interested in training teachers to build their knowledge base and design strategies for students with ADHD in the classroom.